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Water damaged iPhone repairs are one of our most popular repairs! More and more people are starting to realise that phones can, most of the time, get fixed after going for a soak in the tub!!

Electronics and water do not mix and if your phone does take a soak in the bath or a dip in the sea, you are going to incur problems at some point in the future. 99% of the time water will cause electronics to fail, whether that be immediately or after some time. As soon as electronics come in to contact with water, it will immediately start to cause corrosion to the main circuit-board. Once this corrosion has started to work it's way through the phone and its' components, it won't stop unless thoroughly cleaned and taken in for treatment!

Your phone may work immediately after and for some time after that, however the worst thing you can do is turn that phone on, or charge that phone!! The corrosion will damage the phone beyond repair at some point or another so it is always best to bring it to an iPhone specialist, such as ourselves here at iPod Repair Doctor!!

Best kinds of liquid to drop your iPhone into -



Worst kind of liquid to drop your iPhone into -

-Sea Water

-Swimming Pool Water

Dropping your phone into the swimming pool whilst on holiday, or dropping your phone into the sea whilst taking a dip is the worst kind! Reason being is because the salt in the sea water and chlorine in the swimming pool increases corrosion; once either of these liquids dry you can imagine what is left behind in the phone and this can damage the circuit board and components within your phone a lot quicker than either water or alcohol!

What to do when your phone has been subjected to water-

Firstly, if your phone has switched itself off already, this is probably because the water has gone immediately to the battery and has caused it to fail. In some ways this is good because there is no longer any electric flowing through the circuits and wires in the phone and this will stop the water causing further damage to other components.

If you pick up your device and it is still turned on, switch the phone off immediately, if your tech savvy then removing the battery is the best idea. If your phone is already off, do not try turning the phone on or charging it, this will cause more damage to the components. The best thing you can do if your phone has been water-damaged and you live in Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Havant, Petersfield, Chichester, West Sussex or surrounding areas is to bring it in to us at iPod Repair Doctor!! The quicker you can bring it in to us, the more chance we have of saving your phone!

These are the steps we at iPod Repair Doctor take to save your water-damaged iPhone -

We use an Ultrasonic Cleaner and cleaning solution to clean the individual components and circuit board, we leave these in the ultrasonic cleaner and its' solution for around 30 minutes. The ultrasonic cleaner blasts the components and circuit board with ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and this removes light corrosion and stops any further damage being caused by the corrosion. These are then left to dry out for a little while to ensure all of the liquid is removed from each components.

We then have to go through the job of completely putting the phone back together and testing each and every internal component to check if any are not working or have been damaged. Sometimes a couple of components may need replacing in order to save your phone but this is usually a fraction of what you would have to pay for a brand new phone.

The components we test once the phone is reassembled are as follows-

  • Battery
  • Cameras
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Screen and LCD
  • Charging connector
  • Speakers and Microphones
  • Volume buttons and silent button.

The most common components that need replacing when an iPhone has been water damaged are the battery and the dock connector, these repairs are no more than £40 to fix and can leave you with a fully-functioning iPhone once they have been replaced!

90% of the time a water damaged iPhone can be fixed by the previous steps we have taken to reduce corrosion and fix components, however there are a small amount we are unable to fix - this is mostly due


Based near Portsmouth in the UK, we repair iPods, iPads and iPhones of all sorts and have done since the day they were born.

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