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Firstly, the outer glass digitiser (the touchscreen glass) is the most commonly damaged on an iPad, the problem with changing the digitiser is when you come to removing the old smashed one, it does not want to come off easily!! - Smashed glass is tricky, when trying to remove the glass it shatters into more and more smaller pieces, making it harder and harder for you to remove it all without damaging the LCD behind! The main challenge is the adhesive glue that sticks the complete unit together, removing the small glass from around the power ribbon cable and the WIFI antenna (which are just on the underside of the glass) is very difficult. If one mistake is made or either of the cables are damaged in the slightest, it will cause a whole different problem and more money will need to be spent! A heat gun is needed to soften this glue to remove the glass as easily as possible - don't be fooled as this is also tricky, making sure the temperature and the positioning of the heat-gun is correct is vital; as if too hot or kept in the same place too long, it can damage other components in the iPad. As you can imagine, this takes tremendous delicacy and time, and shattered glass getting stuck to your fingers is frustrating!

- If you're in a rush to get your iPad fixed, bringing it to us is your best solution!!

The next issue we come up against here at iPod Repair Doctor is trying to fit the new digitiser (glass touch screen) into the old mis-shaped bezel, or the outer silver casing of the iPad - this is a common occurrence as more often than not, a customer has dropped their iPad on one of its' corners, causing the casing to indent; therefore making it difficult to insert a new screen without causing it to break or lift in the future! This problem is found on all of the iPad range. As soon as you try to force the new replacement glass onto the mis-shaped bezel, you could be facing a very expensive repair due to a tiny mistake! At iPod Repair Doctor, this normally isn't a problem as we can try to push out the denting from the bezel to avoid damaging the digitiser when it is put in. Trying to get the perfect curve back onto an iPad is hard work and the outer shell is certainly not as strong as you would think, but getting it right is imperative! Saving us and our customers money in the long-run!! This is the reason why, at iPod Repair Doctor, we choose to use only QUALITY replacement parts and not any of the cheap alternatives you may find on different places of the internet.

So, the next time you've accidentally dropped your iPad or your iPad has fallen from a desk or side and you see that the glass has been damaged, don't keep using it thinking the damage is already done; once the glass is cracked or smashed, you will notice that it becomes extremely fragile and even the smallest bump can mean another crack is made!

If you're in the Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Havant, Petersfield, Chichester, West Sussex or surrounding areas and need your iPad fixing, bring it in sooner rather than later & we can get this repaired for you within 24 to 48 hours of drop off!


iPod Repair Doctor is the place to go for any iPad, iPhone or iPod repairs!!







Based near Portsmouth in the UK, we repair iPods, iPads and iPhones of all sorts and have done since the day they were born.

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