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If the volume icon stays on the screen of your iPad, iPad2, iPad3 then chances are it will need to be repaired. The most common cause we have found for this is accident damage to the iPads case, around the volume control area. The pressure from the way the damaged case then sits can cause the volume buttons circuit to not operate as it should. The result is either the volume control stick on or wont work at all. You can normally tell if the "click" feel has gone from the buttons. If there is no click at all there is to much pressure on the iPads controls inside. The only way of fixing this iPad problem is to open the unit up and either change the part, or loosen the screws holding the volume controls ever so slightly. The screen on the iPad needs to be removed for this repair to be carried out. Please contact the iPod Repair Doctor if you need advice or help with this repair.


Based near Portsmouth in the UK, we repair iPods, iPads and iPhones of all sorts and have done since the day they were born.

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