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This article is going into a brief description of some of the faults that you may encounter with your iPod classic or iPod Video and question please contact me at the iPod Repair Doctor

iPod Classic Click Wheel Repairs

The click wheel will not function as it should, maybe the menu wont work, play pause button or any other function. It could be a clickwheel or it could be a logic board fault. Logic board faults are usually caused by liquid damage. These two faults are hard to tell apart. I would recommend an iPod classic diagnose. 

iPod Classic Headphone Jack

When the sound is only coming out of one ear but sometimes out of two. Also if the hold switch will not lock the iPod then this repair also fix's this. If you need this repair headphone jack replacement then its available at the iPod Repair Doctor.

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

When you battery starts to fails it wont last as long as it use to, you may have a low battery icon displayed on the screen. Your iPod may not even function if the battery is completely flat of faulty.

iPod Classic Hard Drive Faults

This is the biggest fault with the iPod Classic range. You can have lots of different faults but your iPod may freeze, not sync with iTunes, you may get a this iPod is corrupted and needs to be restored.

Any of these iPod Classic repairs can be carried out at the iPod Repair Doctor. If you need iPod Repair help please contact us, advice is free


Based near Portsmouth in the UK, we repair iPods, iPads and iPhones of all sorts and have done since the day they were born.

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