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Why does the iPod touch 4th generation cost so much to repair??

The iPod touch 4th generation has the LCD and the digitizer or touch screen fused together. This make the unit sealed and stops debris and dust getting between the LCD and digitizer. The previous generations had the LCD and digitizer as two units thus making them cheaper to repair. 

Why did my ipod touch screen break?

These screens are increibly strong in tension as opposed to shock by dropping. Apple says they are chemically strengthened to be "20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. On this model there is very little protection from the surrounding chrome case as the glass covers almost the entire front face of the unit. 

Can the iPod Repair Doctor fix my iPod Touch

Yes, we fix all models of ipod touch. You can drop into our Portsmouth ipod repair center or as most of our business comes via special delivery send it off to us at ipod repair doctor.

On ebay and other places they sell the Lcd and digitizer seperatly?

Why do I need a sealed unit then? If I can just buy them seperatly why not do it that way? Ok you can buy then seperatly but you can not seperate the LCD from the smashed digitizer. Most of the time the digitzer is shattered but the lcd still works fine. If you can seperate them without breaking the wafer thin LCD then please contact me I will give you a job....

Also  this then creates a gap between the LCD and Digitizer and within days you will see dust, not to mention movement and the breakage of the LCD over time. It will cost you more money to do it this way.

How much does it cost?

We keep our prices as competive as we can which insures the best deal for everyone, please check out our current price.


Based near Portsmouth in the UK, we repair iPods, iPads and iPhones of all sorts and have done since the day they were born.

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